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The VC-Secret Solution Network gives you the opportunity to provide humanitarian aid to young women in need with an extraordinary idea and achievement.

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Our success story ...

is based on clear values ​​that are carefully maintained: fair partnership, top quality and excellent earning potential.


Have you had enough of the economic consequences of the Corona crisis and finally want to live again? Then join our global team and get started with us. Benefit from the popularity of our products!

Everything we do - we do better! All products are "Made in Germany" and absolutely harmless to health.

Artificial hymen

Protect life - with a small membrane with fake blood! In just 2 hours, every woman is able to show the traces of blood that are absolutely required thanks to the absolutely simple and targeted application.

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Revitalize100 vaginal tightening gel- "The intimate cosmetics for every woman"

The Revitalize100, a highly effective vaginal tightening gel, is often used in combination with our two products, artificial hymen or capsules, to perfect the feeling of virginity. The highly effective tightening gel is also generally used by women to permanently revitalize the vagina.

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The VirginiaCare blood capsules

The capsules have the same function and are the optimized successor product of the artificial hymen. These capsules are inserted vaginally, dissolve, and the components are released as a trail of blood during intercourse. This enables virginity to be imitated in a targeted manner and authentically proven.

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Confirm virginity? No, no joke - this is still the reality in 2021! But we have the simplest and most ingenious solution ready to solve the hidden problem of young women!

We have been pioneers since 2010 and offer you the opportunity to become a member of our network! The need for our products is omnipresent not only in Europe, Africa and Asia, but worldwide. There are probably also those affected in your environment who would be happy to receive recommendations and support! Possibly even in your neighborhood !? We distance ourselves clearly from this outdated view, but unfortunately the problem is still a sad reality and must be solved quickly and easily by the young women. With the ingenious invention of VirginiaCare products, we have created the opportunity to get this problem out of the way in a revolutionary way. As a result, you can make money continuously. With our new network, we can achieve a lot more. We have helped many thousands of young women in the past confirm their virginity. Our great mission began 10 years ago, and together with you we would now like to spread it intensively. Decide to benefit from the fantastic idea in every way! Recommend your help and look forward to gratitude and financial satisfaction at the same time!

Unfortunately we don't have a solution to the real problem and it will certainly be decades before this thinking changes!

But imagine - at some point someone will owe you their life ...

You determine your success!

Do you want to be there? Become part of our network! We will help you with all of our experience that we have been able to bundle in 10 years. We provide you with all of our marketing materials! In the next step, we will show you how to register and what you can earn. Give your life a new challenge and become a valued partner in the VC - Secret Solution Network.

30% direct payment + 5% lifetime partner commission

By registering in our network, as long as the contract is running, you will receive 30% of every successful order, which is conveyed via your personal partner link. You also benefit from every partner who has registered via your link with a lifetime commission of 5% of their sales! With this you build up passive income.


Commission model VC Secret German

The possible profit is determined by your commitment

You alone determine how successful you are. There is no upper limit! With your registration you get immediate access to all necessary marketing materials and can advertise the products online and offline. Your creativity knows no limits. Use social media or build your own website. You also have the brilliant opportunity to offer the products directly to doctors, pharmacies or other retailers, as we have interesting wholesale offers for this.

The easy entry to VirginiaCare - Secret Network

Instead of 129 EUR registration is for a short period now free. You will receive a starter package with 3 productsthe hymen, the capsules and the Revitalize100 gel. If you use the set for promotional purposes or sell it on, the registration would theoretically even be free. Online access to all of our marketing material. In addition, your own shop link and software for the automatic assignment of orders and billing of commissions.

Payouts are always made on the 01st of each month, generally with PayPal or bank transfer.

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Create financial freedom by publishing hope and opportunity. The concept is that simple!

Where, how much and when to work is your decision in this network. You have unlimited possibilities that you can even control yourself if you start with a positive attitude. Through the effective use of the Internet and social media, you have the international opportunity to use the VC Secret Solution network as a personal opportunity and to recommend the products as a problem solver.

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VirginiaCare in the press

ZDF documentary that presents our product as an emergency solution!

Your advantages at a glance:

No high investments

Entry as a sales partner / dealer is possible from 129 EUR.


No minimum purchases / minimum sales

no minimum purchase obligations.


No risk / no contract

You can end the collaboration at any time without any consequences.


Open time-management

Decide for yourself when, where and how much you work, whether as a side income or with active full-time commitment


Fast delivery

Within just 1-2 days, the order you have submitted will be packed in Germany and dispatched via express delivery


No storage

Order the products as needed and absolutely risk-free. You don't have to make advance payments and store goods.


Attractive income opportunities

With a registration in our network, as long as the contract is running, you will receive 30% of every successful order and partner registration, which is mediated via your personal partner link.

In addition, you benefit from every partner who has registered via your link with a lifetime commission of 5% of their sales!

You build up passive income with it.

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